Come and feel the tranquility of the homely atmosphere by the beach and the pilgrim path in Øysand. Just 20 minutes from the busy city of Trondheim, one gets the feeling of silence. The two-kilometer-long sandy beach ends in an unspoilt river valley - Gaulosen - with one of Norway's largest bird sanctuaries. A beautiful sight that can be enjoyed from two terraces and perhaps you will experience one of our amazing sunsets. A bit steep 1,5 hours walk, takes you to a lookout point - Øyberget - with a view of the entire Gaulosen, the beach and the bird sanctuary. See info about the bird sanctuary here..

"Strandheimen Guesthouse" offers accommodation in the family house and the friendly dog Balto and the cat Simba might welcome you in the yard when you arrive 😊

The rooms in the guesthouse have their own personal style, one with fantastic views towards the sea and the other with a view to the hill "Øyberget".

In addition, there are two cottages in the garden which is named , "Blue shell" and "Heart shell". The most exotic accommodation option is the Tipi "Knife shell", where you sleep in comfortable beds and you hear the sound of waves and birds around - a fantastic start to the day! Here you get heat from the wood stove and light from the candles. You can make your own food at the grill for BBQ and it might be during a beautiful sunset.

Please look at the option «acommodation» for more details.

Welcome to a different experience in Strandheimen Guesthouse.

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