Strandheimen Guesthouse opens a BEACH BAR for the summer. Strandheimen Guesthouse is a stone's throw from the sea and the pilgrimage route in Øysand. We offer accommodation in rooms, cattages and a tipi with personal touch and charm. We have now open our new extension of the house with two beautiful rooms facing the sea: The roomtype “Solspeilet” and “Sjøstjerna” See photos and descriptions at Room. We have various events and the guesthouse is adapted for guests in wheelchairs. Strandheimen is also suitable for smaller companies with a nice and homely atmosphere in the family living room. It is possible to rent this unique venue on the shoreline for private events, and this room is adapted for everyone. Strandheimen will keep arranging various events based on atmosphere and live music. The two-kilometer-long sandy beach ends in a pristine river delta - Gaulosen - with one of Norway's largest bird sanctuaries. See info about the bird sanctuary here. After a steep walk you reach a lookout point - Øyberget - with a view of the entire Gaulosen, the beach and the bird sanctuary. A fantastic view of the fjord is enjoyed from terraces with the most beautiful sunsets, and a fresh dip is just few meters away. If the wind is a little cold, you can also sit in the cozy glass veranda and right next to you also find the CUBA corner with Cuban-inspired dining. If you have a dog, you can bring your faithful friend and spend the night in "Blåskjellet" or the “Tipi." Our family includes the dog Baltasar, the senior cat Simba and the young one Charlies. We highly recommend our local seafood (on request) 😊and the traditional “fishcake on fork” is always available! Follow our Facebook, an you are always up to date on what is happening! Welcome the the different stay, greeting for the hostess Wenche
Strandheimen, Øysand, N-7224 Melhus, Norway Phone: (+47) 481 05 515 Facebook: Strandheimen E-mail: